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The best way to insure that you won't miss an edition (they are all different) is to sign up to the right and be on the Virtual Mailing List where you will be emailed when a new catalog is posted.The catalogs are picked up quick so if you're not out the day they are distributed you will probably miss it. The catalog viewer on the website feels like you have the real thing in your hands.

You can find A Mom’s Catalog all over Jefferson County, WV during distribution times but they all get picked up quick. Some distribution points include (but are not limited to): Jefferson County  Schools & Parks and Recreation Center, Daycares & Preschools, Martin’s Grocery Store, CVS, Ledos Pizza, China Fortune, Quality Inn Hotel, , Golds Gym, Crossfit Gym, Hallmark, Papa Johns, Bob Evans, Applebees, Roy Rogers, Panera Bread, Banks, Doctors offices, Libraries, Hospital waiting areas, Drycleaners and many many other locations.

You don’t have to be a mom to shop in A Mom’s Catalog, in fact you don’ t even have to be a parent. The ads featured in the Catalog are either for families or from families. It’s a great place to find the products and services you need or to find that one-of-a-kind gift for someone you love. If you want to support your local families & businesses then A Mom's Catalog is for you!

3,000 FULL COLOR Glossy copies are printed 3 times a year-Summer (June/July), Fall (October/November) & Spring (March/April). Deadlines to advertise are usually a month before distribution (for example if the distribution date is June 15th then the deadline for that edition would be May 15th). Email Nicky if you are interested in advertising and she'll add you to the database to insure that you'll get an email reminder when a deadline is approaching.

You qualify to be a part of A Mom’s Catalog if you have a product or service that Families need and want. A Mom’s Catalog is also an avenue for crafters to sell their creations to the public. The creator of the catalog is a Stay-at-Home mom that crochets baby hats, boas for little girls and other creations. She wanted a way to sell these things to the public to make some extra money for the family. She encourages people to purchase from their local artisans and even has a discount for these individuals to be in A Mom’s Catalog.

Can you believe that it costs $150 (or less if you qualify) to place a FULL-COLOR postcard size ad in the Catalog? It’s true, Nicky wanted to make it affordable for the small and startup businesses. Most advertising is very expensive and requires that you sign a contract. There are no contracts with A Mom’s Catalog so you participate when & if you can.

Call or email Nicky to find out about special pricing for Crafters and Non-Profit. Discounts are also available for families placing multiple ads and Family EXPO & Craft fair vendors.

Get your business or creation in front of the public for the lowest price around. A Mom's Catalog is a one-of-a-kind publication that has no articles just ads (hense the name Catalog) so readers flip though and will read your postcard sized ad. There is no table of contents so you are forced to flip through every page to find what you're looking for (or maybe what you didn't know you were looking for) and no-one is placed next to thier compitition in the catalog.

It is a local publication (distributed in Jefferson County, WV only) so when you get a call you won't have to travel far for the businss. In addition to the printed catalog a "virtual" catalog is posted on the website as well (a high traffic, highly advertised website) in a viewer that allows you to flip through the pages as if it were in front of you AND a downloadable PDF.  Catalog distribution is done for you so you just send in an ad and wait for the phone calls to come in.

Absolutely, Call (304)820-6804 or email Nicky This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have your ad setup by one of our graphic designers for just $35. You'll get to approve the proof and even keep the artwork! 

Call  (304) 820-6804 or email Nicky at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all the details about the next edition of A Mom’s Catalog- deadline, file specs/size of ad, payment details and anything else you need to know.

A Mom’s Catalog was started by a Charles Town, WV Stay-at-Home Mom. She had a skill but no way to market herself. She sold her product here and there but not enough to help the family. After asking several of her friends and neighbors that owned their own businesses how they get new clients she found out that advertising was just too expensive for many of them. They relied on word-of-mouth and networking to reach their prospects and for many this wasn’t enough.

Nicky (the mother of A Mom’s Catalog) realized that we (Families) also needed a place to find what we want and need. As a bonus we can help to support each other! Most importantly to her, the Catalog accommodates families. When her phone rings and the kids are playing loudly in the background it doesn’t matter. People are embracing the idea of helping their neighbors and the catalog is going strong.

The main concept of A Mom’s Catalog is to help your local economy and the families in it. If you need something why not get it from someone local (a unique handmade gift from a stay-at-home mom, a service from a small family owned business or maybe even a purchase from a franchise owner) and you feel good about supporting one another. So go check out the catalog, do some shopping & Enjoy.

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